Zuhair Mehrali
I'm a Multimedia Creative working with graphics and motion across branding, television and web. My work is often imbued with elements of my multimedia art practice (illustration, film and music/sound). With this interdisciplinary approach I aim to create emotional, textured connections between either clients and their audiences or myself and others.
Currently a 2D Animation Editor on Warhammer: Hammer and Bolter at Sun & Moon Studios.
Clients and Collaborators
- Bright Little Labs
- Dyson
- Jeem Life
- Niko Is & El Bles
- Ort Gallery
- Philosophi
- SensatioNail
- Sun & Moon Studios
Awards and Recognition
For Recollection (2019)
- Best Music Video, Nomination in Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, Online, 2018
For Sketches (2017)
- Best Experimental Film, Winner in Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, 2019
- Best Documentary Cinematography, Winner in Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, 2019
- Best Student Film, Winner in NYC Film Awards, New York, 2018
- Best Experimental Film & Best Student Film, Winner in The Monthly Film Festival, Glasgow, 2018
Articles and Publications
Multimodal Memories (Interview with Liz Timbs) for Africa is a Country Magazine, 2019
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