Credits (scroll)

  • Cast
  • Irshad Mehrali
  • Shahina Mehrali
  • Zuhair Mehrali
  • Adam Rogers
  • Production
  • Director of Photography | Oliver Cole
  • Editor | Matthew Delaloye
  • Sound Designer | Adam Rogers
  • Archival Material
  • Watson Kintner Collection | University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • 'Collection Kortekaas 2' & 'Uganda, Murchison' | Family Kortekaas, 8mm digitizing:
  • East Africa Field Recordings | Radio Aporee:
  • Special Thanks
  • Dave Wallwork
  • Abi Pengelly
  • Kate Pourshariati, Film Archivist
  • 'The Uganda Collection', Carleton University
  • Kynance Cove, National Trust
  • Shezan Muhammedi
  • Jaffer Kapasi OBE
  • Dr James Moore
  • Written and Directed by
  • Zuhair Mehrali


Studio is an interactive accompaniment to the 2017 short film 'Sketches' by Zuhair Mehrali. While the film is a meditation on constructing meaning of 'foreign' history and geography, Studio encourages a deconstruction of that meaning. This is achieved by allowing you to explore and interrogate the audiovisual elements within the film in 'real-time', raising questions of information-authenticity and fact-fiction disparity in oral narratives.

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