Directed by El Bles
Filmed by Mya Correa and Julia Richardson
Animated by Zuhair Mehrali
Starring El Bles, Niko Is, Mya Correa and Julia Richardson

NIKO IS & El Bles: Piña Guayaba - Music Video
Having been a fan of music by artist Niko Is and music producer El Bles, I was excited to start a cross-country collaboration with them on the music video for the first single of their upcoming album (at time of writing), SOFRITO 2. 
The artists connected with Mya and Julia to capture some footage in Florida. They went for a pink-yellow colour palette evocative of the titular pineapple and guava. Bles edited the footage together and sent it to me to spice up.
First I did the line art and shadows and then decided on separate, contrasting colour palettes for the interior and exterior shots. The result is a lively and relaxing video that's true to the vibe of the music, as well as a testament to the power of international collaboration!

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