Jeem Journal 'New Hope' Promo
Given the challenging year of 2020, Jeem wanted to deliver a hopeful message extolling the power of gratitude as part of their New Year campaign. The video's primary channel was Instagram, so it had to be short, snappy and spark joy.
The process began with conceptual discussions and a few rounds of storyboarding. Settling on a hand-drawn style, we stuck with my storyboard drawings as style-frames and honed the aesthetic directly in After Effects. Finally, I designed the sound and scored the piece.
Jeem also wanted to release a motivational 'Resolutions Guide' for the new year, which I created in two forms: a PDF and Instagram carousel post.

We went through a few revisions of the storyboard, tweaking the story so that each frame carried a sense of forward momentum and progression.

I used a mix of self-recorded and royalty-free sound to build a rich, textured soundscape for the animation, before producing an energetic and upbeat musical score to give the story some extra pace and joy.

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