Jeem Branding & E-commerce
Jeem is a new brand drawing on the rich faith and spiritual tradition of Islam, forming a synergy with modern methods to inspire peace, purpose and productivity in lifestyles. Their first product is the Jeem Journal.
'We hope to create a movement of motivated Jeem Journalers to harness the power of faith in a 21st century context.' - Tauseef & Sarah, Co-founders
I was asked to design the brand's identity and set up an e-commerce store and social media accounts. In addition to this, I edited together instructional films and retouched product photography, before creating an animated launch film.
The Arabic letter jeem (ج) encapsulates the jamali (beautiful) and jalali (majestic) attributes of God. The letter j in Latin script was recreated to match the form of ج taken from the Mada typeface, which evokes a clean, modern feeling. The 'dot' present between these elements was used as the point of intersection, representing connection and synergy.
Jeem Logo Inverse
Jeem Logo Inverse
Jeem Journal Logo
Jeem Journal Logo
The website runs on Shopify with a theme that I modified to suit our needs. A clear, friendly and simple user experience was key.
Launch Film
I designed, animated and scored a launch film for their first product, the Jeem Journal. In a friendly, minimal style it had to communicate the benefits of guided gratitude journaling in stressful modern lifestyles.
Instructional Films
These form a series explaining the 6 sections of each guided page in the Jeem Journal. Featuring motion graphics animated introductions.
Photography Retouching

More Work

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